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A full-fledged, independent comic publishing company, right in the Bay Area.

Our creators, both in-house and freelance, are hard at work behind all of our original creator-owned comic titles and anthologies. we guide those dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling into fully publishing their work under the in hiatus studios umbrella, helping to shape their development as creators and get their work out to our fans, old and new!

we’re a mainstay in the comic -con circuit along the pacific coast, and have exhibited our library of titles at Wondercon, emerald city comic con, silicon valley comic con, ape, Crunchyroll, Denver pop culture con, rose city comic con and many more. visit our worlds that span genres and visual styles, with season emergent comic creators disciplined in digital illustration, manga, theatre arts, concept art, sequential art, graphic design, and literary arts.

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Shards is an annual showcase of all-new comic tales collected by an interwoven theme. All of the series the studio publishes begin in the pages of Shards. The creative teams for each of the six tales in this collection span the globe and are distinct and specific to the story, pulling you into different, vastly rich worlds with each turn of the page. Genres span from post-apocalypse, to horror, to fantasy/science fiction, superhero, dark fairy tale, action/adventure and noir.



Kimberly Moss [Winter] & Digo Salazar [Cache, ReGrBl, Isugid Pinoy]

In this dark, dystopian re-imagining of The Little Red Riding Hood, ages-old enemies on warring factions of a world torn by wolves and hunters join forces to save their people from themselves.



Raf Salazar [ReGrBl, Isugid Pinoy]

A scarred sorcerer, a cursed warrior, and a mysterious swordsman find themselves on crossed paths, seeking the mythical, magical relic, the Pangenstone. PuG follows these haphazard, bumbling heroes entangled in their destinies on this fantasy-adventure epic from the co-creator of ReGrBl and The Clan of Saints Bay.



Kimberly Moss [In Place of Honor] & Don Aguillo [Rise, Isugid Pinoy]

Frustrated and embittered by humanity’s incessant search for immortality to stave off the natural course and the purpose of her own existence, Death takes an indefinite hiatus and joins the mortal coil. Vastly tragic and dangerous consequences quickly follow, as the grip of an ancient war closes in to determine the destiny of life and death, in this sobering portrait of a surrendered, de-saddled horseman of the apocalypse.




Digo Salazar [Cache, ReGrBl, Isugid Pinoy]

A man mysteriously awakens to a bright, loud, hyper world he doesn’t remember. Who is he? Where is he and how did he get there? A reluctant bartender he quickly stumbles across is pulled deeply into his desperate quest for lost memory, as they are set on a path neither of them will ever forget, on this futurist-noir series from the co-creator of ReGrBl.


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