It all started when…

Three creative professionals, with common desires to bring their projects to life, met up at San Francisco-based restaurant Phillies in February of 2016, over a round of great cheesesteaks and pent-up frustration over a shared project abandoned earlier that fall.  What emerged from the meeting was a shared passion for visual and literary storytelling and the common challenge of side-projects waiting in the wings.  The idea for this book was born, a book that would set them on a path of taking these projects off the back-burners and finally making strides to bring them to life, ready to mine for fresh concepts for new and original stories.  Coffees and conversations at Foglifter Cafe with two additional creators that shared the same passions and frustrations, saw the team completed, rounding out the creative roster for what would become a one-shot anthology.

For too long, our own creative worlds and characters were pushed to the back of the line in order to pay the bills. But one day, we finally decided to join forces and dedicate ourselves to bringing our stories to life. 



InHiatus_18 copy (1).jpg

We began in early 2016 creating and producing our own stories through the comic medium. In January of 2017, we officially formed In Hiatus Studios to publish not only our stories but those of other latent creatives looking for a place to share their own. Now, in 2019, we have expanded our brand to include printing and design AND NOW CALL THE HISTORIC AND ELEGANT HOBART BUILDING HOME, RIGHT AT THE CROSSROADS OF SAN FRANCISCO’S SOMA, SHOPPING AND FINANCIAL DISTRICTS.

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As the missions of the creators aligned, production schedules were established, workshops commenced and the ‘how’s and why’s’ were explored, however, it was clear they were no longer out to just publish a single tome, but to also have full control over its development, distribution, and its potential future.  In Hiatus Studios was born.  With a completed executive team of experienced writers, animators, illustrators and concept artists that enjoyed a wide breadth in experience and fandom of comic books and pop culture already, In Hiatus Studios pursued a successful Kickstarter campaign in September of 2016.   Shards: Volume One was then introduced in a limited hardcover edition run of 500 copies, launching the series of the company’s first six titles, bound in a single collection.  With emergent resources, new fans and a network of support, a successful pre-sale campaign indicated a strong interest in the anthology locally, generating buzz about the company and the book in the masses and the industry alike.  Promoting the anthology and becoming a mainstay of the San Francisco Bay Area’s local comic-con circuit with a team of individuals fairly new on the vendor’s side of the table offered a welcome challenge in trial and error, demanding a great deal of research and patience, but yielding new inspiration and experience.  Moreover, the Shards: Volume Onelaunch event held in San Francisco’s Chinatown gave the team the crucial milestone to push forward and continue pursuing the con circuit and build the online store as well as the drive to distribute digitally through Amazon’s Comixology.  In Hiatus Studios is now fully capable of remaining independent and in full creative and executive control of the titles under the company’s umbrella.

The company's change in lineup and leadership has shaped new directions, prompting a new focus on future work, collaborations and outlook on the flagship titles.  Our company aims to continue to make long dormant dreams a reality. To unpause. The time is now.


Kimberly Moss

Creator, Founder, and Editor in Chief

A California native, Kimberly Moss (In Place of Honor, Winter) developed a love of theatre and literature at a very young age. She earned her BA in creative writing from San Francisco State University, and is currently finishing up a Masters in Theatrical Production and Design from Southern Oregon University. She currently teaches high school theatre and English and lives in San Francisco.



Raf Salazar

Creator, Founder, and Art Director

Raf Salazar (PuG, ReGrBl[with Digo Salazar], Isugid Pinoy[Kularts]) is a Bay Area freelance artistwho, by day, focuses his skills on illustration and design, and by night, is perched on rooftops as this city’s ally of justice. He's worked on a number of games, comics and co-created the long running webcomic ReGrBl with his twin brother Digo. When not working, he spends his time daydreaming, procrastinating, and watching too many cartoons for a man his age.


Don Ellis Aguillo

Creator, Founder, and CFO & Publisher

Don Aguillo (Winter, Rise[Scout Comics], Isugid Pinoy [Kularts], Sequels[Fanbase Press]) works as a freelance artistwith focus in illustration and concept art. He's worked on numerous published tabletop/card games and graphic novels, including a treatment on a character co-developed by Stan Lee as well as a treatment on a comic sequel to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Inner Light. He currently works with Raf on a major graphic novel project by Kulartsof San Francisco designed to shine a spotlight on the cultural leaders of a struggling community in the heart of the city, funded by a prestigious city grant. His own book, Rise, which was born through In Hiatus Studios is currently in production at Scout Comics for distribution, which cleans the slate at this studio to produce a new series as well as continue his art duties on Winter. He's also a part-time martial arts instructor and Filipino folk dancer.