Our signature anthology showcases the ORIGINS OF POTENTIAL new titles under our comic imprint, boasting fresh new talent and original creations. get a taste of LIMITLESS WORLDS THAT SPAN style and genre AND FEATURE CREATIVE TEAMS FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE. collected and matched by style and storytelling, the artists and writers featured in these tales are emergent from all areas of creative disciplines, each with their own stories waiting to be told.

The original limited run of volume one sold out after its first months off the press and after a successful kickstarter campaign, which launched the successful run of the paperback and sequel sophomore collection.

in hiatus studios continues to feature new, original work in the pages of shards, offering a sliver of countless worlds with unique characters off on their personal quests, facing seemingly insurmountable odds.


Shards: Volume One

six stories are collected in the studios’ inaugural anthology, introducing the origins of the stories that birthed the studio’s name and mission. Tales of superheroes in a league of their own, death trading her duty in for a life among mortals with unforeseen consequences, two tales of drifters and vagabonds coming together with disparate missions but aligning destinies, the emergent queen of a post-apocalypse learning the difficult first lessons of true responsibility and the ages-old battle between two warring factions in a modern take on little-red riding hood all burst from the pages.

pip reyes, kimberly moss, raf salazar (Regrbl, isugid pinoy, clan of saints bay), matt ng, don aguillo (Rise, Isugid Pinoy), digo salazar (Regrbl, isugid pinoy, clan of saints bay)

2016 $19.99

Shards: Volume Two

being human is a difficult road to navigate. characters from the studios’ sophomore collection interact with worlds, both familiar and fantastical, that shape their choices, journeys and destinies. A man awakens with no memory, guided by a mysterious stranger into a noir adventure in a dystopian future, an estranged detective team in a quiet island town at the top of their game can’t help but run into each other in light of a mysterious case gone awry, the timeless tale of good versus evil comes to a pass as angels and demons scheme to claim ultimate power with a chosen one caught in the middle, a dark and twisted look at life of a prison guard in the studio’s first foray into loosely-based non-fiction and mixed media, a young girl can’t resist the call of adventure, left in the care of an aging general, ready to leave the world she knows to find herself, and a young couple in the throes of a passionate relationship disrupted by tragedy, but does it mean the end?

digo salazar (Regrbl, isugid pinoy, clan of saints bay), gabe peralta, tristan yuvienco, andy niggles, asked, ben langston, andrea vidrine, curtis clow, lily vasquez-song, danielle rueda, bianca lesaca, Don aguillo (Rise, Isugid pinoy)

2018 $29.99