Flagship Titles


Shards Anthologies

Our signature anthologies showcase the beginnings our new titles. Readers get a taste of various stories, both in style and genre. In many cases these stories are continuing on into their own series.


Shards Volume one

A collection of six stories, all centered around the theme of a journey. The stories with this anthology range from superhero to comedic fantasy.


Shards Volume Two

Our second collection of six stories explores the internal struggle of being human. The characters take the reader with them as their interaction with the world around them begins to shape who they become. The stories within Shards Volume Two vary from science fiction to feudal fantasy.


Continuing Series

In Place of Honor

Written by Kimberly Moss

Illustrated by Digo Salazar


Written & Illustrated by Raf Salazar


Written by Kimberly Moss

Illustrated by Don Ellis Aguillo

A Dystopian Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the Big Bad Wolf and Red join forces to save their people from themselves.

Issue Two: Available for purchase

Issue Three: Coming Soon

Three traveling adventurers, a scared sorcerer, a cursed warrior, and a mysterious swordsman, seek the power of a magical relic, the PangenStone.

This epic quest follows the haphazard journey of these bumbling heroes as their destinies become entangled in their quest to wield the fabled stone.

Issue One: Coming Soon

Frustrated by humanity’s constant search for immortality, Death decides to finally end humanity’s search.

Issue One: Coming Soon


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